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Annie Stories

Annie Stories are therapeutic stories for children aimed at helping them deal with common problems. The book teaches parents how to make up and tell these stories, personalizing them to suit their own child’s individual situa­tion and needs. As well as introductory chapters which deal with childhood fears and explain the underpinnings of stories as therapy, the book contains 9 sample stories covering the topics divorce, death, nightmares, fear of dogs, starting school, relaxation, a new baby in the family, going to hospital and coping with pain. Each story has a prologue addressed to parents as well as extensive footnotes throughout that explain the psychological structure of each tale and help parents in creating their own stories and reinforcing the positive results.

Brett’s technique provides parents with the means to help their children “tame the beasts of childhood,” allowing them to work through their unspoken feelings, resolve their anxieties and gain a sense of comfort, strength and hope.

As well as giving children a non­threatening opportunity to learn about and control their fears through the powers of imagination, Annie Stories also draw parents and children closer together through the age-old process of storytelling.

Annie Stories and its sequel More Annie Stories have been published in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia as well as Australia.

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First published by McPhee Gribble Publishers (Australia) 1986.

Published by Workman Publishing in USA 1988.

Published by Hale & Iremonger (Australia) 1997.

Praise for Annie Stories

“Many parents, especially those insecure about their own storytelling skills, will find Brett’s method effective and valuable.” – Publishers Weekly

“Brett in her intelligent series of fables for our time, strikes just the right note.” – Los Angeles Times

Annie Stories is an indispensable tool for all parents.” – Valley Magazine – Los Angeles