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The Sunday Story Club

The Sunday Story Club cover

We all carry stories within us – wrenching, redemptive, extraordinary and laced with unexpected and hard-won wisdom.

These are the real-life stories that a group of women tell each other when they gather for a deep and structered conversation – once a month in a suburban living room – about the things that really matter.

They discover that life can be a heartbeat away from chaos; that bad things happen to good people; that good people do outrageous things; that the desire for transformation is enduringly human.

A mother tells of the heartbreaking loss of control when her daughter develops anorexia. A sister reveals the high psychological cost of being hated by a sibling over the course of her life. Husbands leave wives; wives take lovers; friendships shatter; wrong choices turn out to be right ones; agency is lost and re-claimed.

Profound, layered and clear-sighted, this collection reveals the emotional untidyness that lies below the shiny surface of modern life and reminds us of the power of real conversation to enlighten,heal and transform.

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Published by Pan Macmillan 2019.